Puricelli SRL

Since over seventy years, Puricelli has been investing in research and development to offer the best products both by decorative and technological viewpoints. The most complete range of products to offer surfaces that are safe, food-safe, antibacterial, easily cleanable and with no phenol and formaldehyde emissions.
Human Friendly Surfaces because all Puricelli products are created with a specific doctrine: respect for the environment and the people that live in it.
We create materials that live in contact with people and, because of this, we have within our main goals the assurance of the highest monitoring in quality and certification, not least of which the production of phenol-free and formaldehyde-free panels.
Puricelli is a company with over seventy years of history which has made of quality, technology and design, the identifying traits of its production.
Italian made, with handcrafting care and an international outlook, in Puricelli’s products there is a coexistence of technology and beauty that guarantees the product’s uniqueness.
The result is not only the creation of laminated panelling and state-of-the-art surfaces, but products that are created from a vision which is conscious of the market and its demands.
Puricelli is today a prepared and ready company, able to deliver the widest range of products in terms of support, format and decorative for interior and exterior design.

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