ILCAM was founded in 1959 and today is the world leading manufacturer of frontals for the furniture industry.
A great effort has been made to integrate human and technological resources to reach the actual position, employing around 1600 people.
The wide range of products, and large capacity of more 40,000 pieces a day, which can be sourced from ILCAM delivers a great deal of value to the customers.
It covers the needs of mass merchandisers, furniture manufacturers, and components distributors.
Craftsmanship, automation, and sophisticated planning and control systems, streamline company’s operations.
Endless innovation of product and process, and of organizational and managerial systems, along with high level of service, makes ILCAM a leading company in the industry. ILCAM trustworthiness is proved by third parties as well. In fact ILCAM has been certified according ISO 9001 Quality Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. To respond to forest preservation needs also the chain of custody has been certified according FSC® and PEFC Standards. Moreover, ILCAM has implemented the management system for occupational health and safety according OHSAS 18001.