Front-Z is a family-owned business that delivers flexible and modern solutions upheld by proud traditions and solid craftsmanship. The business is a continuation of Linnebergs Maskinsnedkeri, which was established by Holger Linneberg in 1989. Today, Front-Z is an innovative company, which, with Holger’s son, Henrik Linneberg, at its head, produces MDF components for the designs of the future. The company has undergone explosive growth since 2003 and has grown from 6 employees on an 800 m2 site to the current level of 60 employees and 15,000 m2.
Front-Z is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of painted MDF panels for the kitchen and furniture industries – which carries with it great responsibility. Our pride is rooted in our flexibility – both in our machinery and in terms of our people – where we have dynamic and flexible production facilities that enable us to tailor solutions to the requirements of our customers.
The company’s employees provide us with invaluable knowhow in terms of knowledge, experience and technical capability. This knowhow is crucial in our quest to produce components for the designs of the future. In this case, we often look back in order to be able to look forward, and draw on our innovative specialists that are charged with finding solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. We have many employees that have been with us right from the start and are therefore extremely privileged to have a team of good and reliable employees that are passionate about Front-Z.