Being producers of high-quality aluminium surfaces, our portfolio contains anodised, PVD-coated and lacquered surfaces. In this regard, we are able to provide a variety of design options: high-gloss mirror surfaces, satin surfaces or elegant looking brushed surfaces – all of which are also available in a range of colours – are just a few examples of our wide portfolio. Moreover, we are capable of applying different kinds of metals like copper or chrome, so that the surfaces receive the respective metallic appearance, yet the base substrate remains aluminium. Weight and cost advantages can be generated consequently.

If required, we can offer our surfaces with a primer on one or both sides. The primers act as an adhesion basis for bonding other materials (for example for HPL-/CPL-lamination or aluminium/plastic hybrid components) or for printing purposes.

Tailor made – easy!
Additionally, we have developed a product called “textile on aluminium”. This is a further decorative element offering various options in form and colour, thus enhancing desired characteristics. A variety of textiles can be laminated onto any anodised ALANOD substrate, combining the advantages of aluminium, especially in terms of light reflection, with the decorative textile-look. This laminate is perfectly suitable for decorative interior designs – but also for applications in furniture or automotive industries.
Our micro-perforated surfaces are able to combine design and functionality. Backlit company logos or designs arouse emotions. By interacting with the respective coloured LED backlight, different moods can be created, thus adding a special touch to your ambience.

Coming originally from the lighting industry, we are still successfully active in this segment with our efficient light-guiding MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® surfaces. An ever increasing requirement is light and health (Human Centric Lighting): In addition to the visual task, light has a strong impact on people´s well-being and circadian rhythm. Herein lies the challenge for lighting engineers: “Guiding” the dynamics of natural daylight into the interior environment. The biggest effect can be achieved when dynamic light coming from a wide area meets the eye. So, our high-reflective surfaces can offer a valuable contribution to biologically efficient lighting, for example in public buildings, hotels or hospitals.
With our ALANOD system development, we serve as a development partner and systems supplier, drawing on a network of expert partners across a range of different industries – e.g. from the lighting, automotive or electronics industries. Therefore, we are capable of developing individual and customised solutions.

ALANOD is a constantly improving company, able to illustrate completely new perspectives and meet all new challenges. Many industries take advantage of our world-leading products.
As an independent German company, we are following a clear path ambitiously and conscientiously. Efficiency, product quality Made in Germany and trustful interaction among our employees are characteristics that accompany us in our daily business and strategic development. By supplying premium solutions, our goal is to enable our partners to achieve their own ideals. Day in, day out, we are working on living this passion internally and externally.